Haryana Board 12th Board Syllabus (Arts, Science, Commerce) Subject-wise

Haryana Board 12th Syllabus Haryana Board of Secondary Education (HBSE) has released HBSE Syllabus for class 12 of all the streams (Arts, Science, Commerce). Students who are going to appear for Class 12th Exam can download HBSE Syllabus from this page in PDF format also. You just have to follow some simple steps accordingly as given.

HBSE Class 12th Syllabus

Students of Intermediate are going through very critical condition because it is the crucial time for them. And only this time will decide that how much capability you have to make your career. So, you should keep your study in the first place. This class decides your college also. So, in spite of being lazy, you have to get ready to score the marks.

PDF of HBSE Class 12th Syllabus

Here we are providing you the PDF file for syllabus of every subject. you can simply click the link and then you will get your subject’s syllabus. You can also save this file for any future reference and can review it later.

Subject PDF File
Business Studies
Computer Science
Dance (Kathak)
English (Core)
English (Elective)
Fine Arts (Theory)
Hindi Elective
Home Science
Music Melodic
Music Tabla
Music Vocal
O.S.S. (English)
O.S.S. (Stenography Hindi)
Political Science
Public Administration
Physical Edu.
Hindi Core
Military Science

How To Download the HBSE Syllabus class 12th

To download the syllabus of class 12th of Haryana Board, you can follow these simple steps accordingly-

Step1: Go to the official website of HBSE i.e. go for www.bseh.org.on/
Step2: Then go to the Class 12th syllabus and follow the next step.
Step3: Then Directly click the icon of PDF file and you will see a new tab in the format of PDF.
Step4: Now you can download this file by clicking the option of save option.

Download this file for any further future reference so that you can check it again if you miss anything and can manage your subject accordingly.

HBSE Class 12th Syllabus Accountancy

The syllabus of Accountancy for class 12th HBSE is given below that must be remembered by all the accountancy students-

Name of the Books Theme
Accounting Not for Profit Organisation Not for profit organization meaning and examples Receipts and payments meaning and concepts preparation of income and expenditure A/C and balance sheet

Accounting for partnership

Accounting for partnership Reconstitution of partnership

Nature of partnership firm Final Account of partnership Preparation of capital accounts and profit and loss. Appropriation A/C Change in profit sharing Ratio Accounting for Revaluation Goodwill-Meaning & Valuation
Reconstitution of partnership Admission of partnership Admission of a partner Retirement/ Death of a partner
Dissolution of partnership firm Meaning settlement of Accounts Preparation of Realization account & related Accounts(Excluding piecemeal distribution and sale to a company & insolvency of a partner)
Project work on Dissolution of partnership firm. Revision and Exam of First Sem.

HBSE Class12th Syllabus Biology

In order to provide the syllabus for Biology of Class 12th student of HBSE, here we are-

Reproduction in organism asexual sexual and vegetative Reproduction. Reproduction in flowering plants Flowers- pre fertilization structure and events, apomixes and polyembryony Development of seeds and fruits

Human reproduction –I The male reproductive system, female reproductive system Gametogenesis menstrual cycle

Fertilization and implantation pregnancy and embryonic development, parturition and lactation. Reproductive health- problem and strategies, population explosion and birth control, medical termination of pregnancy STD, infertility

Eco system-component types and energy food

Species, Population, and community

Ecological adaptation color of diversity and conservation of biodiversity

National parks and sanctuaries,

Environmental issues pollution and deforestation

Global warming, Ozone layer depletion, underground wake level, and threat to biodiversity (with reference to wildlife)

HBSE Class12th Syllabus Mathematics

Mathematics is a very important and scoring subject. It can help you to score very good marks in the exam. With this intention, we are providing you the syllabus. Just keep revising it.

Name of the Books Theme
Relations and Functions Mathematics Part-I Relations and Functions Inverse Trigonometric Function
Algebra Mathematics Part-I



Probability Mathematics Part-I Probablity
Calculus-I Mathematics Part-I Continuity and Differentiability

HBSE Class12th Syllabus Philosophy

Syllabus Analysis is another key point to score good marks in exams. For this reason, these syllabi are provided to you.

Nature and Schools of Indian Philosophy; some basic issues Rta, Karma; Four purusartha Buddhism- Four noble truths Theory of causation, Middle path Jainism- Anekantavada and Syadvada

Nyaya theory for Pramanas, Yoga The eightfold practice

Samkhya theory of three gunas Vaisesika theory of Padarthas

Rationalism, Empiricism Kant’s critical Philosophy Aristotle’s theory of four-fold causation

Cause-effect relationship

entailment regularity succession

HBSE Class12th Syllabus Computer Science

Computer Science has always remained a tough subject to score marks. But as has been noted that subject analysis is another key point to score marks, these syllabi should be revised.


Programming in C++

C Structures and functions

Programming in C++ (Declaration of Structure variables and passing Structure to functions
Programming in C++ (classes and objects, constructors and destructors)
Data structure through C++ (Introduction stack)
Data structure through C++ (Queue array sorting)


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